Wills, Probate & Estate Administration


One of our practices is probate and administration as well as inheritance. We have assisted many in resolving disputes involving wills, inheritance & distribution of estates among Muslim and Non-Muslim families.



  • Application For Grant Of Probate –

(Issued By The High Court To The Named Executor (S) In A Will To Authorize His/her To Administer The Estate.)


  • Application For Letter Of Administration –

(Letter Of Administration (La) In The Form Of Declaration Or Order Is Issued When An Individual Passed Away Without A Will.)


  • Application For Small Estate Distribution Order –

(An Order From The Small Estates Distribution Unit For An Appointment As Administrator.)


  • Resealing Of Probate & Letter Of Administration –

(The Process Of Obtaining The Subsequent Authorization By A Court Of A Second Country After The Grant Has Been Obtained In The Court Of First Country.)