About Us


Messrs Isadora & Associates is a Malaysian law firm based in Cyberjaya that is dedicated to providing high-quality solution oriented legal services to our clients. We pro-actively educate and update our clients with the latest development in law.


Messrs Isadora & Associates understands the importance of accurately interpreting our clients’ needs and consider the clients as the most valued assets of the firm. We take pride in offering our clients legal services at the highest standards.


Apart from our two main area of General Civil Litigation & Conveyancing, our legal services also includes Intellectual Property, Corporate Agreements, Small Estate Claims, Power of Attorney, Syariah, Entertainment and Sports law.

What We Do


Messrs Isadora & Associates prides itself on providing wise counsel next to pragmatic, cost-effective solutions and figures for our clients based on vast experience plus a thorough knowledge of the law. Our objective is oriented towards every client’s business objectives to strive for the highest level of legal resource.


We are passionate and have ethical commitment to our clients’ interests on top of goals that is made possible through more than just the talents of our advocates and solicitors. We highlight respect and dignity towards one another including our clients to bolster up a professional firm culture.


Isadora & Associates aspire to be recognized as a “best place to work” amidst diversity and capable to bring and retain the best and brightest talent from a cross-section of our community.

Practice Area


Conveyancing (Property & Loan Agreement)


Intellectual Property (IP) Service


Syariah Law (Hibah, Faraid, Divorce)


Dispute Resolution/Civil Litigation


General Corporate & Commercial Law)


Will, Probate & Estate Administration


Entertainment Law & Sports Law

Our Lawyers

Artboard 8

Degree in Bachelor Of Legal Study (BLS) & Bachelor Of Law (LL.B) – 2010

General Corporate & Commercial Law
Dispute Resolution/Civil Litigation
Entertainment Law & Sports Law

Nur’ Isadora Ismail

Managing Partner
Artboard 9

Master Of Science in Information Management- UITM (2001)
LL.B Hons (ADIL) – ITM Shah Alam (1994)
Diploma In Law- ITM Shah Alam (1992)

Conveyancing (Property & Loan Agreement)
Intellectual Property (IP)

Noorkhairil Huda Binti Mohd Ali

Artboard 2

Degree in Bachelor Of Law (LL.B) IIUM 2014 & Bachelor Of Syariah Law (LL.B.S) 2015

Syariah Law (Hibah, Faraid & Divorce)
Wills, Probate & Estate Administration
Dispute Resolution/ Civil Litigation
Entertainment Law and Sports Law

Zulsyahmi Husaini Bin Kamarulzaman

Legal Associate
Artboard 7

Degree in Bachelor Of Legal Study (BLS) & Bachelor Of Law (LL.B) IIUM 2013

Conveyancing (Property & Loan Agreement)
General Corporate & Commercial Law

Hazwani Binti Abdullah

Legal Associate

Modern, Efficient Methods


Our philosophy has always been to provide our clients with fast and trustworthy services through a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs & expectations, rules & requirements of the laws with time & limitation in mind. We now implement a more systematic procedure to do filing, follow-up client cases more efficiently and fast by using Denning System.

Honest & Clear Advice


Its because we care. We don’t just serve clients because it is our job. We go beyond that, by building long-standing relationships and be a part of our clients’ team. Other than building a good rapport with our clients, we would also ensure to speak up for what is right. Even if it is a tough option to make a desirable decision owing to the fact that our actions are governed by the highest professionalism with an ethical standards. Ultimately, we act honest and provide objectivity in light of adversity. 

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